Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall weather

E and I set out to enjoy what seemed like it was going to be the last nice weekend of fall. We went to the Monona Fall Festival, they had a candy hunt (E only found gum and had a tantrum, screaming "I want gum" after I told her she couldn't have any), a hay wagon ride, horse rides, pumpkin decorating and more. Most important to E of course, was the popcorn in the concession stand.

We stood in line for a LONG time to ride the ponies, but as soon as it was E's turn, she realized how big a pony was, and refused to get on one. She did love the hay wagon ride though. She also made a great decorated paper plate in the arts and crafts tent.

But, by far the highlight of the weekend was getting her Captain America Halloween costume

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