Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Princesses have arrived at our house. We fought it for as long as we could, but first came the Bubbies, then came the dress up clothes, and then came the tent. We are in it now. It helps that E has no idea the difference between a fairy, a princess, and a baby doll. They are pretty much all interchangeable. But, she loves them all, and they make her so happy its hard to begrudge her them. She's up to a Cinderella, Snow White, Aerial, and Belle dolls, and a Tinkerbell and Snow White Costume.

I love this picture, there is just something so little girl about wearing a beautiful outfit and then checking herself out in the side of the car. When I took it, I had no idea that is what she was doing. It wasn't until we saw the picture that we realized!

Snow White joined us for ice cream. E was so set on wearing this outfit that she even agreed to wear a bib.

I got a call at work the other day, it was dada telling me that E refused to get dressed, she wanted to wear her Tinkerbell costume and diaper to daycare, not clothes. He got her dressed eventually.

To top off the princess-mania, E wore pretty dresses three days in a row, just like a princess.

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