Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Days

We've had a series of big days at our house in the last week.

August 20 was E's first day back at day care after spending the summer with dada. She joined right in like she hadn't been gone at all. She walked into the classroom and said "where's my chair, where's my juice" and she was ready. We had been planning on sending her for a half day only, since last year's transition went so badly, but she didn't need it, she was ready!

August 19- We went to the Milwaukee Public Museum to celebrate the last weekend of summer. E loves the kachina dolls, and the Native American exhibit. She is scared of the "breathing" dinosaurs (the T-Rex). Her favorite part of the museum is the Streets of Old Milwaukee, since their is a candy store there, and she gets dinosaur gummies! 

On a less great note, E learned how to climb out of her crib tonight, as she put it "I just slid out"

She did very well with the butterfly landed on dada's shoulders, she is usually scared of this sort of thing, but she tried to touch it and then just looked at it.

August 18- E got her first pet! While momma was sleeping, dada and E bought a fish. She named him Sebastian, and has taken very good care of him thus far. Her favorite part of fish ownership is the feeding, Sebastian would get three meals a day if we let her control the feeding. As it is, the meals are pretty generous! Sebastian sleeps in E's room and his tank serves as a night light for her.

August 17- Was E and dada's last day of summer vacation. So they started the day with pancookies shaped like princesses. Then they headed to the Children's Museum where she painted and played in the kitchen. Then they went to the State Capitol and looked around, and then the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. After all that, they walked down and met momma and grandpa Ada for a picnic lunch. We at at "coffee break" and afterwords E came back to my office for a little visit. They spent a little time on State Street, and even found a little time for a trip to the comic book store!

August 16- E's bedtime has been such a problem lately, that we decided to make a big change and see what happened. We'd been putting E down to bed about 8:30 and she spent from that time until 10:30-11:00 calling for us, crying, and playing. Since that meant that momma and dada couldn't get any housework done, or any relaxing done, we decided to try the "big girl bed" we really talked it up, and then put E's mattress on the floor. The first night it went great, E only called for us once, and then went to bed and slept through the night. We thought maybe we'd solved the bedtime problems. But the next night, she was everywhere. Dada ended up reconstructing the crib at 10:30 at night. Oh well.

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