Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 4 and 5

Saturday August 4 was a mommy and E morning. We went to Lane's Bakery, which was a bakery I went to frequently with my parents when I was little. Our first house was only a few blocks from it. The bakery is closing in month, so I wanted to have a chance to get E there.  So, we went to the bakery, E chose a frosted clown cookie for breakfast, and we "shared" coffee. After breakfast, we took a walk around the block, and E spilled the coffee. She insisted on getting more, so we headed to Lakeside fibers for coffee. We each got our own cup (hers with a bit of coffee) after another spill, she decided that she didn't like coffee and had water.

We walked over to Bernie's Beach, and played in the sand and on the playground equipment. After a few garage sales, and the new "bubbie" dolls, we met up with dada and had a family day.

On August 5 we headed back to Circus World Museum. The entire way there, E talked about how excited she was for the circus and the clowns. When we got there and walked into the big top, Punchy the clown got a little too close to her and she decided he was scary. It took a lot of work to get her into the tent. She loved the circus, seeing the elephants, and the clown performances (her favorite was the one where the clowns got into the box).

 After Circus World, we went to A and W for lunch. E got her own glass of soda (a huge event) in a mini mug. I felt several times this weekend that E was reliving parts of my childhood, and the tiny A and W root beer was definitely part of it! She and I also shared an ice cream cone.

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