Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter weekend wrapped up a huge week of remodeling for us, our kitchen is now totally replaced. So the week before Easter was full of remodeling, going out to dinner, playing at Ama and Ada's house, and generally trying to keep out of the construction zone. So, Easter weekend was a really nice family weekend.

Saturday kicked off with with E and dada going on one of their "adventures" they came back with bagels and coffee, the best kind of adventure. E and I headed to swimming lessons, which were cancelled, so we played at the park for a few minutes, before taking part in E's first Easter egg hunt.

She loved finding the eggs and adding them to her cookie bag. She had no idea their was candy inside the eggs, so she found lots of eggs while the other kids were busy eating treats. Once she learned about the candy she didn't want to stop eating it!

After the egg hunt and a nap, we headed to the Children's Museum as a family
 We finally got to see the rooftop garden and all the animals.

Because we were there late in the day, E had most of the painting wall to herself, she loved it.

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny came to our house and left a basket and hidden eggs. E was only excited to find the eggs with candy in them and wasn't too impressed by the eggs filled with puffs. She loved the Minnie Mouse bubbles from her basket and the stickers.

Over the course of this weekend, E ate more candy then she has in her whole life combined! I guess that is what holidays are for. Because of all the candy, E didn't take much of a nap and was a little cranky by the evening.

We went to Ama and Ada's house for dinner, and E got to play with her cousin S. The girls had a great time at the park, and E wasn't even scared to go down the big slide by herself.

The Easter Bunny even came to Ama and Ada's, it brought E the helmet she's been asking for.

Any tine we've seen a biker recently she's said "E need a helmet, buckles under the chin" so it was exciting that the bunny found one for her.

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