Sunday, March 11, 2012


Well, I was going to say that we've been loving the spring weather, E has discovered the joy of jumping in puddles, and has soaked through her rain boots and her winter boots. She comes home from walk complete soaked through.

However, while I was uploading pictures, E started yelling "mom, come here!" So I went to check on her and found her in bed, no jammies, no diaper, with a wet bed. She told me her diaper got wet so she took it off.

This is really becoming par for the course lately. Its like  a little switch got flipped once she turned two and her thoughts, ideas, opinions, and emotions have gotten bigger, and must be carried out no matter what. She's been having tantrums over anything and everything, she suddenly refuses to wear clothes  (only jannies), won't be changed on her changing table, and lots of other things.

Aside from the two year old behavior, E's also been delightful lately. The big thoughts and ideas mean she is always talking about something, telling us what happened that day, or wanting to do something. She also sings all the time now, which is adorable.

Whenever E hears something (like a plane, big truck, or someone walking) she makes this face and says "listen, what's that" then she usually points are her ears.

E has been absolutely obsessed with the song "Set Your Piggies Free" from Sesame Street. Ever since the snow melted she'd been asking me to walk in the grass with her piggies. So we went out on Saturday. She wasn't too excited about it yet, since the grass was a little prickly and muddy. We'll try again in a few weeks.

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