Friday, March 23, 2012

Nite Nite

Its been hard to write much lately, we've been having such beautiful weather that E's bed time gets later, and I run out of evening. The nite nite routine has also been expanded by a toddler who knows how to push limits. We now:

1. Put on PJs
2. Brush teeth
3. Wash her face
4. Read:
     1. Dazzle the dinosaur
     2. Gossie and Gertie
     3. Gossie
     4. The Moon Shines Down
     5. Olivia
5. We then do "cuddlebuggels" for 2 minutes
6. Move to E's room, where momma lays on the floor, E plays, and dada sits in the rocking chair.
7. E sits in the rocking chair
8. E pretends to go to sleep in the rocking chair
9. Dada puts E in bed and rubs her back
10. Dada leaves the room, E demands "rub back, one more time" or "rub back, two minutes"

At that point E either goes to sleep, or about 30 minutes later we start to hear lots of playing. If she starts playing, you'll hear her call you. When you get upstairs, E gleefully tells you "E naked babies"

Then there is new PJs, a denied request for more stories, and some back rubs.

Then, if you are lucky, she sleeps!

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