Wednesday, March 28, 2012


E and I were home sick today, poor kid had a temperature of 101. Fortunately that was her only symptom. However, I could tell she wasn't feeling well because she wanted to go for rides in the stroller, and happily stayed in the stroller for over an hour on a morning walk. E has never been a great fan of riding in a stroller, she prefers to either walk or be carried. But today, she when she was outside, she was in the stroller. Part of this was helped by the fact that she declared today "pajammie day" and since she was wearing footie pajammies she couldn't wear shoes.

Her favorite thing she saw all day was the "scooper." She and I watched it scoop several times this morning, and in the evening, we watched it "sleep."

E also started using a new expression. She asks you what something is, and after you answer, she says "no its not."

 Over the weekend, we took E to A-Z Farm for lambing days. The farm opens itself up for kids and families for lambing season, and they have lambs and other small animals to see and pet. For an adventure girl, E is surprisingly timid when it comes to touching animals. She refused to touch any animals, and didn't even really want to walk around on the hay.

She got her face painted with a purple butterfly, which she was really happy about. But, this is the closest she'd get to a lamb.
But, after we tortured her at the farm, she got to go eat lunch at a restaurant, so the day wasn't a total loss. We also had dinner at great grammas and E got to play with her cousin S. She had a blast, S is seven, so a she "big girl" and she was willing to chase E, blow bubbles with her, and even go to the park.

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