Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20- E's generally not an early riser, we end up waking her up most mornings for daycare, and its always slow going. Every morning we wake her, we have some "rock a babies" in her chair, followed by checking out where dada is, and then finally, arguing about if she should have to get dressed. This morning, she was still sleepy and clingly after her clothes were on. She perked up as the day went on, but she was always snuggly with dada.

E got moon dough from her friend R for Christmas, she has just started to really get interested in playing with it. Her set makes a little puppy, and she really likes turning the crank, looking at the dog, and then smashing it. We went back to swimming lessons this week, and E got to use a water noodle, so the lesson was a hit with her. Its funny to me what she talks about after class. She made sure to tell everyone about the noodle and that she jumped off the edge to the five little monkeys son.

Dada got E a flower for Valentine's Day, she loves it. She calls it her plant and makes sure that it has water. She loves touching it and smelling it. It started out taller, but after too much love the stem broke!

We made sure to go all out for Valentine's Day this year. She wore the tutu she had on at her first birthday party, and she picked the red Elmo socks herself. Ama and I went to the daycare party, where the kids passed out red cookies they'd decorated for their parents, danced to the Penguin song (E's new favorite) and generally showed off. E's favorite activity at the party was jumping off my legs onto the floor.

E got to go to a Valentines Day party at A's house. A's mom planned a mock sleep over, so the girls had dinner together, played Valentines themed games, ate cupcakes, and had a good time. The night ended with some bathtub painting, jammies, and a movie.

It made me smile, when the next day I asked E what her favorite part of the night was and she said "giving A cookies."

We finally got to decorate our heart shaped cookies, as you can see we used lots of green frosting. E got to give the cookies to A and R at the Valentine's Day party. Before decorating, she was most excited about the sprinkles, but once she got going, she loved dripping the frosting.

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