Saturday, February 11, 2012

Catching up

Today was one of those days, I had big plans, but everything was thrown off. Today, E and I were home alone, dada was off coaching his mock trial team to victory in the regional competition. I had lots of plans for E and I. We were going to go to swimming lessons and decorate Valentine's Day cookies. E has a very specific idea about Valentine's Day, which is that it a day where you make and give heart shaped cookies. So, in order to make that happen for her, dada and I spent last night making the cookies. Today, we were going to decorate them with the special blue sprinkles E picked out.

But, instead, E caught the stomach bug that has been going around. We skipped swimming lessons, but since their had been no incidents in a few hours, we headed to the library to get out of the house. Big mistake. After she played with a computer, the plastic food, and the slide, she "spit" (her word) in the library. Both of us were embarrassed.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling and watching Sesame Street.  I could tell she really wasn't feeling well when she wanted to lay on the couch together. As the day went on she perked up, and we even got a walk outside. I'm guessing she'll be back to herself tomorrow.

We finally got out to play in the snow. She's stopped putting up a fuss about getting her boots and snowsuit on. In fact, her boots have become one of her favorite items of footwear. This is the "mountain" in our neighbor's yard. She loves to climb it, while holding my hand, and then jump down. It takes three jumps to get to the bottom.

Whenever we go shopping now, E needs to take this purse and wallet. She's very concerned about her money when we get to the cash register. But, everything still costs three dollars.

Superbowl party! E got to pick the cupcakes for dessert. Turns out its not a cupcake without green frosting. She only likes to lick the frosting, she never eats the cake part.

Since we spent time with baby E, big E has been very interested in babies. She's been taking very good care of her baby lately, here she is putting on the baby's diaper. Her daycare teacher is having a baby, and she keeps talking about how the baby will come when the snow melts.

Having a snack in her "tent." E is still a girl who loves to snack, and her special spot has been in this tunnel.

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