Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wonderful day

December 3- This morning, we got to sleep in since we were all worn out from the party. E got herself up cheerfully, and we could hear her talking and playing in her crib for a little bit. She helped make pancakes for breakfast, she is a very good stirrer. But, despite helping, she didn't want to eat any pancakes.

We had a little trouble after breakfast. E wanted to use a wet rag to help clean. She also wanted to be the one who used the sink to wet the rag. We ended up having to put her in the tub where she was happy to clean the tub, and scrub momma's arm.

This afternoon, E and dada went to a Discover the Dinosaurs program. They had a great afternoon looking at huge replicas, digging for "fossils," and riding dinos. They stayed at the even for two and a half hours. I was amazed. E's favorite part was stomping around and moving like a dinosaur and roaring.

At home, she and I were playing, when out of nowhere she said to me "E, wonderful day." I was ready to cry right on the spot. We played some more, and she repeated it. After dinner, she told her dada the same thing, and again in the tub. This is the first time E's ever been able to articulate her approval, or disapproval of her situation clearly. When she's happy or unhappy in the moment, we know it. But she's never summed up a day like that for us.

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