Sunday, December 18, 2011

A few funny things

A few funny things that E has been doing lately

1. Calling her tooth brush her "bish tush", she used to call it the right thing, but somehow, she's changed it.
2.  Taking all her cups out of her drawer and lining them up on the kitchen floor
3.   Insisting on sleeping with 3 blankets, but not being covered by any of them
4.  Any time she hears the word "go" she say, "E go too?" or "E shopping?"
5.  Every night after her bath and jammies we have to bring her downstairs to say nite nite to the Christmas tree and the snowman decoration
6.  Telling everyone "Christmas tree fall down" even though it happened once, weeks ago
7.  Talking about Baby S constantly, and how he came to her house, even though he came the first week of November

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