Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Family time

We've always used the week between Christmas and New Years as family time. The tradition started before E was born, and with daycare closures, there is no reason for it not to continue.

 December 27- We finally made it to the Children's Museum today, E loved every minute of it. Whenever we try to do things like this we run into trouble with E's 11:30 nap, its hard to get anywhere before nap, and she often sleeps until 3 making it hard to get anywhere after nap. So, we headed out this morning, and knew we'd have a tired little girl on our hands when we left. E's favorite part was the little kids room, she loved the water area and running on the dinosaur walkway. She also liked the building areas, but they were a little too old for her. We didn't even make it to the rooftop, log cabin, and the shadow room, so there will be lots to do next time. We had lunch out at the Museum, since E threw a tantrum when we tried to leave without lunch (it was past her lunch time, so she was tired and hungry).  After nap, we played around the house with new Christmas toys, she's having a blast with play-doh, and went out to dinner. E has been asking to go to a restaurant for a while now, she did pretty well eating out, but I'm not sure she actually liked eating out.

December 26- Here is E and her new baby. E is moving fast, which is why the baby is all blurry. She loves, loves, loves pushing the baby around the house, and taking care of it. I'm always a little leery of such gender specific toys, but I know I have to give in sometimes, and this was clearly the right time. We said goodbye to Teddy this morning, since he's heading home early. We tried to go to the park in the afternoon, since the weather has been so nice, but it was windy and she only lasted for two trips down the slide.

Bedtime is back to being a nightmare, although she's tired when we put her down, she just can't settle. She cries and cries and asks for "rock a babies" and "momma bed" and "head on chest" and "lay down." I'm the pushover, who gives into her requests, but even that doesn't work, she just asks for more!

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