Saturday, December 3, 2011

E party!

December 2- After celebrating Thanksgiving twice, having a Thanksgiving brunch, and having Teddy home, and a few birthdays at day care, E got the idea of parties. Whenever we asked her what she wanted to do she'd say "E party." So, we decided to throw a party. We had the neighbor girls and their parents over and partied. The girls had noodles, and the parents had a great pot luck. Then the girls ran around and played with all E's toys. One of my favorite things about having them all in a setting is that once one does something the other have to do it too. So, once one went potty, they all had to go potty, once one had some water, the all needed water.

It was a successful party, earlier in the week E told us that a party involved noodles and cookies, so we managed to provide that.

December 1- Since I'm usually the photographer, I rarely get to be the one in the pictures. But, once I got E to snuggle with me, I insisted on being in the photo. E's a little distracted here, shes' watching Dinosaur Train, but a snuggle is a snuggle. Today was another busy one for her. She spent the morning with Ama, Grandpa Ada, and Nate. They went to Mickey's, which is E's new favorite breakfast spot, and to Hoyt to play. E made a friend she called "buddy" and she had a great time building with blocks. Her tower got knocked down twice which bothered her quite a bit. But she recovered, and kept sharing, despite that. They got out the parachute at Hoyt, which she loved, she talked about it the whole ride home from Ama and Grandpa Ada's.

Tonight we tried to put E to bed without her bath. It lead to a huge meltdown, she was red faced and screaming "no diaper" it took a good five minutes to calm her down enough to figure out what she wanted. She finally sobbed out "tubby" and we realized what the problem was. I guess the tubby is an important part of bed time.

November 30- Nate was home for a quick visit, and E was so excited to see him. After having Teddy home last week, it was nice for her to see her uncle Nate. We spent the evening with him. Nate is very good at building towers, which E enjoyed, and he was happy to read, or chase, or do pretty much whatever she wanted. And, Ama was nice enough to make dinner a party (she provided cake) so E got the party she'd been asking for.

 November 29- One of E's favorite foods are black olives. She will pick them out of anything they are served in and eat them. Once she's finished the ones on her plate, she moves onto my plate, and then dada's. Here, dada was eating some gourmet olives with pits and E insisted on having some too, so dada is trying to hold onto the pit but let her have some. It was quite the experience.

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