Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30- Tonight we had a great time around the house. E came home from day care in a great mood. I think she misses day care when she's not there, and she misses interacting with other kids and doing art projects and things. When she got home today, she was in a goofy mood and spent some time being chased around the house. Then, she chose her own outfit, as you can see, it was her football shirt and a turtle neck, which she wore as a skirt. It didn't last too long, because dada had a pomegranate for E to try out. She helped pick the fruit out and rinse it off. She loved eating handfuls of the seeds out of the colander. But, when we put some on her dinner plate, she wouldn't touch it. At bath time tonight she surprised me by saying "happy new year" we also said "happy birthday" to several of the neighbors, I can't wait to see what she thinks when its her birthday, and everyone sings for her.

December 29- The baby remains one of E's favorite Christmas gifts, today she was trying to push in the stroller with both the diaper bag and her purse. The purse was too heavy to keep on her shoulders, and kept slipping down. It reminded me of myself at times when I've been out with E and trying to carry too much. She did finally solve the problem by setting her purse on top of the stroller. Tonight was the second night of a new bedtime routine, it seems to be working so far, she's gone to sleep without fussing.

December 28- We took E to the Chazen Museum of Art today, the Chazen was clearly not as fun as the Children's Museum, E really liked the entry way and the stairs, but the art wasn't really her thing. She was good at pointing out the pictures of naked people, and was pretty loud about it. Other people at the museum though it was pretty funny. She didn't really like that she had to be carried, so that she didn't touch anything. E's final straw at the Museum was when she was leaving, she slid around her dada and I and headed toward what she thought was a door, instead, she walked straight into a window. It made her really mad, although her parents thought it was funny. To make up for it, she got a big cookie for the car ride home. Overall, she must have had a good time at the museum, she talked about it for the rest of the day.

Aside from the Museum in the afternoon, E got to go to her friend L's house today. She talks about L all the time, and now she's saying "L come house" so we'll have to host the next playdate. L had his own toy doctor bag, and E liked giving stuffed animals medicine. She also liked playing with L's dried beans, which she could scoop and pour.

Tonight, she and dada started reading a new book, Olivia its about a little girl who likes to keep busy, dada says it reminds him of E a little. But, in the book, Olivia goes to a museum, and E loved reading about a place like the one she had been to.

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