Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12- Ama was nice enough to find these window clings for E today. E enjoyed sticking them on the window, but her favorite part was pulling them off. She was a little moody today, which caused some tantrums over little things, particularly when she didn't get her way about having a snack. Ama and Ada came over for a little bit, and E had a nice time playing with Ama. She gave very nice kisses and hugs good bye, but then, we had to run out to the car for one last good bye to Ada.

December 11- We took E to Hilldale to see Santa. She wasn't scared of him, but she spent the visit just staring into space like she didn't know what was going on. After the visit, Santa gave E a coloring book, which she absolutely loves. She has been talking about her "Santa book" ever since. After our visit, we had a surprise lunch out and then home for a nap. The rest of the day was spent at home, playing with her toys, her favorite right now is her kitchen, she loves bringing momma and dada "hot coffee."
December 10- This is the second year that E has helped with our Christmas tradition of making krumkake and lefse. E joined Teddy, Ama, Ada, and I at Great Grandma's house. She was excited to see Great Grandma and really enjoyed playing with Great Grandma's toys. After some time playing, E saw Great Grandma's mop, and spent the rest of her time "cleaning" the kitchen. E had a little taste of lefse, but wasn't impressed. She still likes the "chips" though.

December 9- Today we got home late, Teddy was home for a visit, so we had dinner at Ama and Ada's house. Teddy, Ama, and Ada picked E up at day care and went along with her class on their walk. She loved showing off for them. Its fun to watch Ted and E now, she remembers him between visits, although she sometimes calls him Natie. She's comfortable around him, and is always happy to see him.

December 8- Today we were lucky enough to decorate Christmas cookies with A and R. The cookies were then gifts for the condo board. This was the second time that E has decorated cookies, and she loved the sugar sprinkle. Aside from the sugar sprinkles, she liked mixing all the toppings together. I was impressed that she didn't eat cookies while we were decorating, A's mom make chocolate cookies, which is what E always asks for, but she was so focused on her mixing, that she didn't even taste a cookie.

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