Tuesday, December 27, 2011


December 25- We had a nice Christmas morning at home, E had a good time opening presents, and trying them out. She loves her trike, and can even get on it with very little assistance. She has the idea of peddling, but we don't really want to encourage bike riding in the house, and she needs a helmet before she really gets going. We spent some time with Ama and Grandpa Ada and Ted and Nate. E has  a pretty hard time telling those two apart, but they are pretty understanding about it. E really got the hang of opening presents this year and she was good at it! Her favorite gift has been a baby from Ama and Ada, it came with a bed, stroller, and a diaper bag, so its got lots of possibilities. We had to add our own blankets. She's also really enjoyed her shopping cart, she likes to load it with snacks, water cups, and the dinosaurs from her Dinosaur Train set and push them around.

I had picked out a really pretty dress for E to wear, the kind that you picture little girls in for Christmas, and of course when it was time to get dressed, E started saying "I don't like it, I don't like it" and crying. So, no pretty dress for momma.

December 24- I had to include two pictures, above it E with the tree they made at daycare on Wednesday. All the kids were so excited about the trees that the minute I walked in every kid was pointing out the trees and talking about them. She got to bring hers home on Friday and was so happy. She got to eat some on Christmas Eve, and she picked off an m and m right away, but it was to hard and she didn't like it. Now, she picks off the candy and feeds it to dada or I.

We spent some time at Grandma and Grandpa's house, E has been asking for "Grandpa Norderhaug" a lot lately, so she was extra excited to see him. She loved checking out the house and making her usual circuit. She loves this Ned from Dinosaur Train figure, and had had a very good time playing with him. She also liked having dessert, she got to have two cookies, which is sort of a record for her. She also got to have juice, so it was a big day.

We also visited with Great Gramma, E liked prime rib quite a lot, and really impressed everyone with her ability to play while the adults finished dinner. E particularly loved her cousin Setona. I guess she is getting to the age where she really likes to watch and imitate big kids, she was really impressed with everything Setona did and wanted to be part of it.

December 23- We had a girls evening tonight for a little bit. We stopped at the library on our way home from daycare and got a few new books to read. E really liked the puzzles and the puppet theater. We also had our first potty training at a public place adventure. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but of course she didn't actually have to go! When we got home, A and her mom came over for a little visit to drop off E's Christmas gift, she got a tutu, which she hasn't wanted to wear yet, I guess since she's not really into dresses, it makes sense she's refuse. Then, E and I went over to Ama and Grandpa Ada's house to visit with Teddy and Nate. It was the first time that E has seen the two of them in the same room since she was pretty little, so it was funny watching her try and figure out who was who.

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