Friday, February 18, 2011


It has been quite a week for us here, the protests at the Wisconsin capitol have been in our minds.  Although we've kept E away, most of her family has been supporting our unions at one time or another.  We are struggling with the future here, but E has been our bright spot.  We hope we've been keeping the stress away from her, and keeping her life as normal as possible.  We feel so lucky to have E, she makes coming home is bright.

February 18-  E has been starting to slow down a little, she still spends most of her time moving around, but she will sit down and play from time to time, and for the last two days, she has actually played while laying on her back.  We were thinking today that we don't have any pictures of E laying down since the moment she learned to sit, so this is the first in about 5 months.

February 17- This picture combines three of E's favorite things:  playing in her diaper, the remote control, and puffs.  The puffs have been particularly fun this week.  For the first time, I let E put her arm in the puff container and take some.  She loves playing with the lid, and I love seeing her put her arm in.  To reach the bottom, she reaches in almost up to her shoulder.

February 16-  After protesting for 8 hours, A returns home to a delighted E.  He brought her a flag, which she promptly tried to chew on the flag staff.  E's wearing her red for solidarity.

February 15-  It was a girls evening as A protested at the capitol.  Tonight was notable because E spent a good 30 minutes playing with her bowl and spoon.  You can see the results here.  It was messy, but she cried when I took away her spoon.  Unfortunately, she didn't really eat anything while playing, but I'm telling myself that the more she uses her spoon, the more likely she will be to use it to eat at some point.

February 14- E's first Valentine's Day!  At daycare she made Valentine's for us, and one for grandma and grandpa.  They made red feet prints on pink hearts.  Today was also the first day that E when to visit grandma and grandpa after their big trip.  She had a great time at their house and rediscovered her favorite toys.

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