Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow days

February 3- This is E's favorite part of her meal, choosing her vegetables.  Because E doesn't like to eat off of a spoon we always make her finger food veggies.  She loves broccoli, peas, and green beans.  She doesn't like carrots or cauliflower.  We cook them in a little bit of water, we cut them small and put them on her tray.  As E gets tired of eating, she always wants to choose her veggies from the cup.  Today she chose a huge piece of broccoli and actually managed to take a bit.  After she removes a few vegetables, she starts putting them back in the cup.

  February 1- A huge blizzard today, schools were closed and I stayed home from work rather then brave the roads.  If you look behind E, you can see the snow drifts in our patio.  We spent the day playing a home, E loved pat-a-cake.  I learned that singing the pat-a-cake is guaranteed to make E smile. 

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