Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sick, friends visit, and technical difficulties

I don't like to get so far behind, but its been a busy couple of days, combined with two different technical difficulties.  Yesterday the computer couldn't get online, and over the weekend our car broke!

January 31- E is reading.  In this case, she is reading Pampers coupons.  For some reason, any time E finds a piece of paper, empty envelope, or coupon on the floor she needs to have it.  No matter what it takes.  We had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and E is finally starting to get her appetite back after being sick.  She ate several cheese crackers and some veggies. And, she has a new favorite, Arrowroot cookies.

January 30-  We were lucky this weekend to have Titi Willy, her daughter cousin A, and uncle S come and visit.  E learned a lot from her older cousin, her new favorite is running in circles at Grandma and Grandpas.  Both girls had a great time playing with E's pop together bugs, and I got some nice jammie snuggles.

  January 29- E and her Titi Willy.  E is wearing a shirt that Titi knit her for her first birthday.  This was our first time seeing them since November.  Both girls have changed a lot since then! Last time we saw them E was just learning how to walk, now she's got that down. 

January 28- E had her first tummy bug today.  Fortunately it only lasted one day.  It was the strangest illness, she acted just like her normal self, but would get sick every once and a while.  I left work early to pick her up from daycare, and we spent some time playing.  E learned to push her cheetah, which was one of the first times she managed that.

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