Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A "normal" day and Grandpa's birthday

February 8- Today things were back to normal, we got to spend the evening at home and play.  As you can see E was very into her nook tonight, her teeth were bothering her.  She spent the evening chewing on the sides, and on the tab on the back.  Tonight she also discovered the noise-making button on her toy van.  Its the first time she's really been into that button and spent a good 10 minutes pushing it.  We are hoping for a better night sleep tonight, the last two nights have been brutal.

February 7- We celebrated Grandpa N's birthday tonight and didn't get home with enough time to do anything but take a bath.  I forgot the camera, so no birthday shot of E and Grandpa.   E gets a bath each night, and you can see her favorite tub toys here, the yellow octopus she is chewing on, the orange dinosaur floating behind her, and by her right hand her blue bowl.

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