Monday, February 28, 2011

Almost a birthday girl

E's first birthday is tomorrow, we can't belive how fast this first year has gone.  We are amazed every day with the little person whose personality is developing before our eyes.  We've watched her learn to walk, run, and jump; turn the pages in a book; use a spoon; push buttons; and so much more. 

February 28-  In the last few days this has become E's new spot, its a little nook, about a 18 inches by 18 inches between the door and our dvd case.  I think she likes it because she can "hide" behind it and play with her toys, its a little E room of her own, but she can still peek out and see us, always with a grin.  She's taken to leaving a few toys, usually her wooden rattle, in her nook. 

February 27- Like most kids her age E is facinated by stacking and nesting things.  She trys to nest everything she has.  As you can see, her book won't fit into her cup, no matter how she tries it.  Fortunatly, the Cheerios on the floor behind her will fit, and she put them in and then spilled them out again.  Although it has nothing to do with nesting, she also learned to hit her baseball with her bat today.  And, don't worry, the diaper on the floor is unused, E liberated it from the diaper bag.

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